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Alternative medicine: friend or foe?

What is alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine is the use of certain treatments and techniques of traditional treatments. It should be not confused with complementary medicine, which is the use of alternative treatments with conventional treatments. To really an alternative medicine therapy follow, must replace completely conventional treatment strategies with alternative treatments. A combination of both alternative and conventional treatment techniques take advantage of most people, however. The balance, which is largely strike your own beliefs, such as disease, you need to restore.

Treatments often include alternative medicine, an intellectual or even a religious component. This is not required, but there are several alternative medicine treatments, which simply relate to the natural supplements or more and more in line with your body - whether at a spiritual level or not. Moreover, practices which are defined as alternative treatments in Western cultures can be considered "alternative" not in other cultures. These include Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, which is a form of medicine in India.


Medicine is not the most popular form of medicine in Western cultures alternative, it quickly recovers supporters. In fact the alternative medicine strategies in the United States rose during the period of seven years between 1990 and 1997, percent of people, use of 33.8% to 42.1%. In addition, more and more universities course work and even degrees in alternative medicine practices provide. Currently about 60% of medical schools offer, the MD degree in the United States offer coursework in alternative medicine. A whopping 85% of the school of nursing have also.

The increase in alternative medicine courses offered is the acceptance of these forms of treatment in serious medical schools as served to further fuel. In fact, the majority of doctors have today no problem with the use of alternative health techniques also conventional treatment strategies.

Alternative medicine review

Despite the growing acceptance of alternative medicine, there are a number of critics who denounce the effectiveness of these practices. This is not proven alternative medicine mainly because by definition, studies effectively. Finally, if it were proven effective, an "alternative" form of treatment would it no longer. Instead, it would be a different form of the conventional medical treatment.

Unfortunately, most are difficult to test treatments and prove alternative medicine. Since many alternative medicine techniques are about how self-conscious and cause changes in the body in this way, researchers no person known fairs or really know the amount of effort or success of a person with alternative medicine experiences. In addition, researchers can not definitively say whether were the positive results that have won because of alternative medicine or because of natural healing or the placebo effect.

One thing that most, but may agree, is that not damage, if properly implemented alternative medicine. And as long as the patient under the care of a conventional medical professional remains, there are no risks with this form of therapy - the may very well help, at a faster rate better, involved.

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