Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alternative medicine policy

If you think the use of alternative medicine, to some of the concerns your health to deal with, you read more.

Alternative and complementary medicine is defined, so diverse, health care and medical systems, products and practices that are not categorized within the framework of conventional medicine. Although still lack credibility supported scientific evidence, the alternative medicine (CAM), a lot of practice. Concerns about the safety and efficacy will remain an open question.

Some forms of alternative medicine have already proven effective and safe and are accepted by traditional health systems.

Compared to alternative complementary medicine

What is the difference between complementary and alternative medicine?

Complementary medicine is used with traditional medicine. An example of this is that patients are after the operation at ease to make use of aromatherapy. Another example is the use of acupuncture to minimize side effects of cancer treatments in patients.

On the other hand, traditional medicine completely replaced alternative medicine. Many practices and procedures are included in this latitude category. An example for this is to use a special procedure the dietary, instead you go through surgery or chemotherapy radiation in the treatment of cancer. Most insurance companies provide no coverage for this type of practice.

Integrative medicine

You can also make integrative medicine is called mixing alternative methods the conventional medical treatments with complementary medicine use.

Integrative medicine is known as a complete approach to the treatment of patients and includes body, mind and soul. An example is the use of relaxation techniques to minimize stress during the chemotherapy sessions.

Make your selection from this type of medical treatment for your particular concern. You can from a variety of medical practices, whether complementary, alternative or integrative medicine, to meet needs conventional, to your health. You just should explore before you on.

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