Monday, March 12, 2012

The Movement Towards Alternative Treatments For Cancer Patients

When someone finds out that they have cancer, it is a traumatic event for the whole family. Once the news is accepted, there is a whole parade of things to go through. There are appointments with the doctor, treatment sessions to be scheduled and so on. The conventional treatments for cancer are very harsh on the body. Chemotherapy runs the immune system down and radiation isn't a pleasant experience either. Surgery which is an option for some is yet another ordeal altogether which also takes a lot of time to heal from.

For this reason and many others, more cancer patients are willing to try alternative medicine. While the government may specify that these treatments are not recommended because they are not proven, individuals who have had cancer treated with alternative medicine may tell a quite different story.

There are a number of different natural treatments for cancer that exist and the chosen one depends on the type of cancer and the stage that it is in. There are Chinese herbs and many other things that can be used. Many of these treatments are not recommended for the advanced stages of cancer because they are not strong enough. Supplements that are used to treat the initial stages of cancer cannot and should not be doubled up with another alternative treatment in most cases because they may not only stop the effect of each other but they can also conflict and cause greater misery.

This being said, there are natural treatments that are being researched for the later stages of cancer which may not cure it but can stop the cancer cells from feeding and growing. The Cellect-Budwig Protocol and the Cesium Chloride Protocol are two of such natural treatments. They protect the organs while stopping the development of the disease. Any such treatments should always be taken under the care of a professional in the respective fields in case other treatments are recommended.

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