Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Alternative Cures For Cancer Are Not Available

These days more and more people are interested in everything that is alternative - medicine, media, energy. The reason why the interest in alternative cures for cancer for example has dramatically increased, is because the conventional treatments are not as effective, cheap and cheap as people would like. But if alternative cures for cancer work, then why are not they available for people?

The average person, who takes care of his/her family and pays the taxes, also expects that the doctors would provide them with the best treatments. But in reality this is not the case and more often people do not get the care and attention that is needed. Why?

Money plays a big role in life and for a lot of people, who are in very powerful positions, money is more important than people. For example the big pharmaceutical companies would do anything that they possible can, to stop the spread of alternative cures for cancer. Because this would mean less profits for them and less power and control.

If you want alternative medicine to become more wide spread, then you have to take action and spread the word. Too many people rely on the elected leaders to do all the work and look out for us. But this never works and the more knowledgeable and informed the people are, the better the lives of those people are. So take action and spread the word about alternative treatments and cures for cancer.

A lot of the alternative cures for cancer are very simple and safe, which is perfect for everyone. The more people talk about these issues, the more available they get. But if people accept everything that they are told, then this trust would be taken advantage of.

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