Monday, March 5, 2012

What You Should Know About Alternative Medicine For Hair Loss in Men

Here are some historical facts about alternative medicine for hair loss. Natural treatment for baldness is actually not new. As a matter of fact, this type of treatment existed in ancient times before modern medicine came to its existence. Prior to medical doctors, there was already a profession called "medicine man" or " healer". These men treat people with their ailments by using natural resources such as herbal leaves, plant roots and the likes.

Alopecia areataor hair loss is considered a disease in the medical field. It is also a medical or physical condition that was present even in the earliest civilization of man. During those times, medicine men and healers had already formulated natural treatments for people suffering from thinning hair.

In fact, one of the common treatments is the herbal cocktail. They would boil selected herbal plants, then remove the leaves, and the herbal solution is then used in washing the hair of the person suffering from alopecia. Rosemary, nettle, burdock and sage are common herbal plants that are used for this kind of herbal treatment.

Another natural remedy is essential oil. Essentials oils are not only used as basic ingredients for making perfumes and colognes, but it is also used in curing thinning hair. Soybean, bay and lavender are well-known essential oils that are effective in treating alopecia. As it happened in Ancient Egypt, people during those times would use lavender essential oil in treating hair loss. This is because lavender is effective in stimulating hair follicle.

Another notable alternative medicine is jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is popular in Mexico. This oil is able to seep in hair ducts and moisturize it in the process.

Nowadays, the innovations made in processing herbs have made it possible to naturally preserve the organic ingredients of herbal products without compromising its efficacy. Thus herbal food supplements are still accepted and effective. One of these herbal medicine is Provillus. Provillus contains saw palmetto and nettle. These two herbaceous plants are very good in blocking DHT reproduction. Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone necessary for growth development but as you get older, this hormone gets stuck in your scalp thus blocking proper blood circulation in your hair follicles. You have the option to use alternative medicine for hair loss since it has been used for a very long time as a natural remedy for alopecia.

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