Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why People Prefer Using Alternative Medicine For Hair Loss

I started researching on baldness and the different solutions to hair thinning when my hair began to grow thinner due to the excessive hair loss that I was experiencing. Not the smartest move, I know, but did you know that most people who suffer from Alopecia or hair thinning only find out about it once it has escalated into something extreme?

The good thing for me is that it did not go on to something like baldness or female pattern baldness.

I came across a lot of baldness solutions, but one thing that struck me is the use of alternative medicine for hair loss. The first thing that came into mind is what is "alternative medicine" and what makes it different from other form of medication?

Turns out that alternative medicine are considered unconventional forms of cure. Eastern practices such as acupuncture and the use of Chinese herbs are considered a form of this medicine. Having lived in Asia at one point in my life, I found the thought of using other types of medicine for baldness quite interesting, because I know how eastern medication and practices such as these provide a more holistic approach in treating sickness.

I was honestly expecting some sort of massage or acupuncture like treatment, because I have found that these sorts of things relaxing and a very good experience. Unfortunately, no - there are no acupuncture, pressure therapy or massages listed under the alternative medicine for baldness that I had found.

The good news is that alternative medicine for hair loss has been proven effective in the form of different teas and supplements that primarily contain the following components: Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root extract, Siberian Ginsent and Horse Tail Plant. These herbs put together with Magnesium, Zinv, Vitamin B6 and Biotin prove to be a very potent anti hair loss product, which is why alternative medicine for hair loss has become increasingly popular these days.

Although many people still like the more conventional approach or medication, one thing that I have learned about hair loss is that there are times when excessive medication can prove to be harmful. This is why using alternative medicine such as these is preferred by a lot of people as they not only help treat the baldness, because the vitamins and minerals contained in the other kinds of medicine remedies also treat a lot of different ailments in an individual as well.

Do you really want to cure your hair problems?

John Farikani is an expert on alternative medicine for hair loss.

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