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What Are Effective Herbs For Weight Loss?

One of the most popular topics in the world must be weight loss. So many people, most especially women, have been looking for the most effective way to burn off those unwanted excess fats. Some people follow a very strict diet plan, to the point of barely eating. Some people follow the healthier alternative which is to enroll in a regular exercise program in the gym.

However, most people do not have the luxury of time to commit to exercise regularly and so some people choose to go under the knife, the surgeon's knife that is. They pay to have a liposuction procedure operated on them to get rid of those fats fast! Then again, it is known that such surgical procedures come with various side effects and complications, the worst of which could lead to death.

So what are we to do? Well, the most effective way to burn fats and lose weight is still to eat a healthy, balanced diet and to have the right amount of exercise. This is beneficial to our body and we may see the rewards even after a long time. But, aside from this, you can always add some very effective herbs that will aid you in your quest to a better body. Are you ready? Here are some natural fat-fighting herbs, guaranteed no side effects.


Cayenne is one of the most popular and effective herbs used for a variety of health conditions. It is proven to be effective in clearing the skin and now it is also used to burn fat. Its effectiveness is derived from its main ingredient - the capsaicin. This is also the compound that gives cayenne pepper its hot and spicy taste.

Cayenne pepper is proved to be effective in boosting an individual's metabolism as well as in suppressing his/her appetite. It is also proven to help improve our blood circulation and even promises to boost energy, which then lowers the user's fatigue, stress and even depression.

Cayenne pepper mainly helps an individual burn fat by accelerating his/her metabolism without any health risks. So if you can take spice in your life, go ahead and mix some pepper on your food. Taking cayenne also reduces the risk of heart attacks and blood clotting because it reduces the blood platelet's thickness. It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

Green tea

Green tea is among one of the most popular herbal remedies available throughout the world, to the point that people forget it is an herbal concoction and not just any beverage. Green tea is proven to be effective in lowering cholesterol and just like cayenne, it also prevents the risk of heart attack and blood clotting by making the blood platelets less sticky.

Green tea behaves a little like coffee because it also has caffeine that acts like a natural stimulate. However, it is better than coffee because it has vitamin C and anti-oxidant compounds called flavonoids. These stimulants are helpful in providing us the needed energy to maintain a regular exercise regimen. Green tea burns fats and increases metabolism through its another component, the epigallocatechin gallate. The said compound has already been proven to boost metabolism.

Acai berry

The juice of the acai berry has gained much popularity over the recent times due to its effectiveness in burning fat. Acai berries are said to have around 10 to 30 times more antioxidants than other fruits such as grapes and pomegranates and even other antioxidant-rich berries such as the blueberry. It also has a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Omega acids making it very effective not just for weight loss but for improving out health in total.

Acai berry juice speeds up an individual's metabolism as well as suppresses hunger. It is also good in detoxification as it is effective in flushing out free radicals from the body, due to the fruit's abundance in powerful antioxidants.

Garcinia (cantbogia)

Another herbal remedy to combat fats and aid weight loss is the Garcinia. It is said to be very effective in boosting the individual's fat metabolism and like the other herbs mentioned, it also suppresses hunger. This is because garcinia has high contents of hydroxycitrate, which is also found in other commercial weight loss products.

Some researches say that garcinia reduces the individual's lipid level and decreases lipid accumulation in the liver by preventing the accumulation of lipid droplets in fat cells. Hydroxycitrate also increases lipid oxidation and thus gives the individual more endurance, which is important in following an exercise regimen.

The advantages of using Chinese herbal remedies have been tried and tested for hundreds of years already. For more herbal remedies tips, visit

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