Friday, August 24, 2012

Spring is on It's Way! - How Oriental Medicine Views Spring and General Cleaning Begins

How beautiful it is to experience the changing of the seasons. As we are leaving Winter, the Yin of the year, we are experiencing the beginnings of freshness of new growth to come.

Many of us are anxious for the sun to be seen in the sky longer and warmer weather to be felt. With winter ending, the Traditional Oriental Medicine views winter to be the time of kidney. Kidney is a yin organ that is deep and has a relationship with water, coldness and slow moving, like hibernation.

The cycle of the seasons has a cycle of organs in T.O.M. Spring is the season of the liver and gall bladder the element of wood. Spring is the time for the yang with in the yin to grow outward. Some begin feeling the restlessness of spring to arrive, and feel just an inner restless time. Maybe even slight disharmony that can't be quiet pin pointed down. Know that it is surely the seasonal change beginning to stir it's energy inside and out.

Can you prepare for the feelings of change you may ask? Well let me share with you the foods that can aid the liver's energies. Liver has a sour craving in general. Sour is astringing and pulls into the liver. Sour would be sour plums, they are found you just have to seek. Vinegar is also sour a good example that is easy to find is Balsamic vinegar and oil on salads. Liver also loves greens such as spinach, kale, arugula, dandelion sprouts, asparagus and greens that have a slight bitter taste. With these foods the energy of the liver get beneficial strength and support to be healthy through the year to follow.

On another note with the arrival of Spring, it is Spring Cleaning time. Have you known that the chemicals we have been taught to use to clean our homes have incredible toxic load to our bodies effecting our pets as well?

Wouldn't you like to know that there are products to clean our homes with that are safe enough to drink but strong enough to clean, really clean, and then continue to benefit out water systems, like septic up to 36 hours later? Enzymes are what we have in our bellies and in our fresh foods we eat. Wow Green is a company that uses enzymes, natural surfactants and essential oils/natural dyes with our own water, to create cleaning products that really work with no toxic chemical residues left over effecting our bodies or our water supplies.

I invite you to discover the natural beauty of Wow Green. see for your self how you can bring in a new green clean spring to the inside of your home.

Happy Beautiful Healthy Spring to you and your family!

Leslie Gray Licensed Acupuncturist,
Wow Green Promoter, @
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