Thursday, November 22, 2007

Garlic As Alternative Medicine

Garlic As Alternative Medicine

Garlic has been used as an alternative medicine for centuries to treat different ailment and health problems. The followings are some of the common uses of garlic as an alternative medicine:

1. Garlic is found to prevent some cancers such as colon and stomach cancers.

2. It is also a very potent antibiotic more powerful than penicillin.

3. It is effective against staph bacteria, cholera, strep, enteritis and dysentery.

4. Used as a preventative measure for vascular changes related to age.

5. It thins the blood like aspirin.

6. It can lower cholesterol, blood pressure.

7. Kills bacteria that cause infection.

8. Expel worms and parasites from the intestinal tract.

Garlic is used in many more areas than those listed. Garlic remains my favourite alternative medicine as I have had excellent result with it for throat infections.

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