Saturday, October 15, 2011

Important information about the medicinal herbs of the skin

I discovered some important information about medicinal herbs for skin and their use in herbal skin care products and would like to share with you.
First, medicinal herbs was in use for centuries. They have proven to be safe and effective way to handle a variety of skin problems, including: dry skin, eczema, Psoriasis and acne. Men and women who seek to turn back the time and reduce the visible signs of aging, such as dark circles under the eyes and wrinkle conditions also have relied on medicinal herbs in the skin.
Medicinal herbs for skin provide the skin with essential vitamins and antioxidants that need to stay healthy. The cells that make up the skin the vitamins b complex, iron, potassium, calcium and sodium to give them food. Antioxidants found in herbal skin care products, such as the coenzymeQ10 help protect the skin from the harmful rays of the Sun that we are exposed to every day.
Not all skin products are good for you. If you look at the labels of most common lotions and creams that claim to help heal damaged skin and eases the discomfort of dry skin, you might find these ingredients: alcohol, mineral oils, DEA (dienthanolamine) and phenol carbolic acid. These are all substances which may aggravate the condition your skin, to increase the appearance of the edge or lead to serious health problems (in high concentrations in an interval). Herbal skin care products often do not contain harmful substances.
There are different types of medicinal herbs, skin for skin care products and herbs. Some are used to treat dry, damaged skin. The best of these skin care plant will contain a great variety of kelp sea available only on the sea of Japan. This sea kelp, Wakame called, is rich in all the nutrients your skin needs to heal and remain healthy. Another component is allantoin (a natural substance found in certain herbs). Allantoin restores damaged skin in healthy condition.
Medicinal herbs of the skin with antioxidants such as coenzymeQ10 and functional keratin help mature adults (like me) seem younger. Work to restore the collagen that we lose as we grow older. This helps reduce or even remove the appearance of wrinkles and lines in our face. These substances will also help clear up dark circles, which often are covered by our eyes.
People who want to lighten the color of their skin should look for nut grass on the label of products that claim to contain medicinal herbal extracts. This natural Herb really works.
Remember, when looking for medicinal herbs for the skin, the product must contain Wakame and allantoin, if you want to heal damaged skin. If you are searching for a way to turn back time and return your skin younger, former elegant self and then you should look for a product containing conenzymeQ10 and keratin.
If you want the skin of plant care products effectively lighten the color of the skin, you should read the label and find nut grass between the components. Finally, I want to avoid lotions or creams that contain alcohol, mineral oils, phenol carbolic acid DEA or, on the labels. These substances can cause or worsen skin problems can constitute a serious risk to health.

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