Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemade Acne Medicine - Do It Yourself At Home

Are you looking for effective homemade medicine for acne that works like wonders? If so, I have the information for you. What I will be sharing with you are effective and cheap ways to make homemade remedies for acne. Using these treatments, I have seen improvement over acne miraculously. There are always a lot more things you can do to improve your acne other than using that topical acne gel and taking antibiotics, why not try these methods out too? I am sure these methods can benefit to your acne condition.

First of all, before I start with the best homemade medicine, I want you to understand that this article is not about using unknown herbs and mixing them altogether, and apply onto your face. I do not recommend you to use herbs with unknown effectiveness and harm. A friend of mine made this mistake not too long ago. He listened to someone who told him to pluck some herbal plants and apply directly to face. He expected improvement over his acne condition, but what came along are waves of irritation and rashes. I don't want that to happen to you. Before you use herbs for your acne, make sure it's safe and effective.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has always been a good companion in treating acne. It is wonderful. You should plant some aloe plants in your home garden if it's possible to do so. Fresh aloe vera gives the best benefits out of the extracts of the plant. Now you might be thinking about the aloe vera gel in the pharmacies. Before you spend money on that bottle of gel, make sure it is made of 100% aloe vera. Based on my experience, fresh aloe vera flesh beats aloe gel in terms of effectiveness, time consumed for improvement, cost and so on. So I highly recommend you to get some aloe plants in your garden if it's possible.

You can use aloe vera in two ways. You can apply aloe vera directly onto your face for maximum benefits. The other way is to drink or eat it. If you are looking to cure your acne more effectively, apparently, the first way is the better one.

2. Ginger

For those who don't know about ginger's effectiveness on acne, you should start drinking ginger juice daily from now onwards. Many popular acne medical treatments in the world use the concept of anti-inflammation to treat acne, since acne is somehow a kind of inflammation skin disorder. Well, the good thing in ginger is that it contains loads of anti-inflammatory properties. Drink pure ginger juice if you can, add water if you want, twice daily, morning and before going to bed.

Just two glasses of ginger juice can make a lot of difference in your acne condition.

In this article, I have just introduced to you two of the most effective homemade medicine for acne. You can really expect to use these two homemade remedies and get amazing results over your acne condition.

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