Saturday, October 1, 2011

Medicinal herbs for skin-before and after

Even before the modernization of people already involved in cleaning and proper skin care. Mostly what used to treat common themes is epidermiko medicinal herbs for skin.
What is the procedure before it is to show people some recipes using medicinal herbs properly nourish the skin and treatment as well as other skin diseases. Now in modern days of medicinal herbs is a part of some product but other chemicals have already been added to it to make it more presentable to the public.
Medicinal herbs for skin have different functions are herbs that are found to be beneficial for the skin and, at the same time, a treatment for certain diseases. The herbs are absolutely safe for the skin, so you don't have to worry about side effects. Take a glimpse some medicinal herbs for the skin that have been used before and have been added continuously to the current skin care products.
One of the most popular of all these is green tea, green tea is known now as a drink where you can get antioxidants that can help you get rid of the harmful free radicals in the body. On the other hand, is regarded as one of the medicinal herbs for revitalizing the skin.
Beside it are Aloe Vera, which is an extract from plants that helps hydrating the skin and scalp? is medication the structure because it is also used as a topical treatment for sharp objects and burns.
You probably heard of ginseng, which is known to be a adaptigen and a medicinal plant that can help your organization tackle any stressful activity.
Wakame, is a Japanese sea kelp which functions as an antioxidant, which also increases the elasticity of the skin and helps healing irritated and dry skin. Wakame also found that is rich in sodium, calcium, potassium and iron, and these are minerals that can help to keep MOISTURE in the skin.
These are just some of the medicinal herbs that we can find beneficial to the skin. Since the products as part of the ingredients that have already introduced on the market, they will not be forgotten. Herbal skin care products are what are called today, and you may be able to detect mild on your skin and much more effective than the synthetic products.

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I have an aloe vera plant, if you cut the top of the plant there is a clear gluee substance inside. I think that this can be used to treat burn wounds to the skin>
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