Friday, October 21, 2011

Is alternative medicine safely and effectively?

As a child, I remember when I would get a koilitsa torture, my mom asked me to lie down and slowly sip a drink of homemade lemonade with a dash of salt, black before my dad could be a doctor.
Today, when we look back and remember, I reckon my koilitsa for the treatment of torture was put in the path of a integrative medicine, alternative medicine (lemonade) + conventional medicine (doctor prescribed drugs).
Alternative medicine & use
Complementary and alternative medicine or CAM, includes a wide range of healthcare practices, products and systems, which are not part of conventional medicine. For example, vegetable materials, preparations and products used in Asian medicine systems, such as medication-or traditional Chinese. It also includes practices: on the contrary, acupuncture, aromatherapy or agency account approaches such as prayer, mental healing, meditation, etc.
In addition, many people in the world to use alternative medicine, for example in China is approximately 40% of health care delivery in Africa uses 80% of the population, approximately 48% of Australians have used at least once. In North America, 42% and 70% of Canada have used at least once. Usage is very similar in Europe, for example, 75% of France has used at least once.
It is effective?
"It is," "is not, and cannot say," all of them simultaneously. In view of the scientific research carried out in the field of alternative medicine until now, it seems that a sweeping Declaration would be a little too far fetched.
For example, there is no evidence in support of acupuncture, herbal medicines and a lot of manual editing. On the other hand, St. John's wort does not appear to affect a about the symptoms of ADHD in children and adolescents (Weber W, Vander Stoep, McCarty RL, et al, 2008). And that "it is not possible to say," because the investigation about many of these treatments are not available.
Is it safe?
Today, there is a perception that if something is natural or organic matter may not be harmful. This belief may not apply in all cases, e.g. a snake are all natural and organic, but it is safe for human consumption?
Sometimes herbs may be harmful by their very nature, such as kava kava and comfrey are herbs, but are still associated with damage to the liver.
At other times, inappropriate regulations or administration of herbs, and therapeutic procedures may make it a highly effective alternative treatments dangerous. Consider acupuncture, although they have been found to be effective, but if used unsterilized needles could lead to infection. Similarly, an overdose of efedras, a plant treating respiratory congestion can lead to heart attacks, strokes and even death.
Forgotten herbs, a water lot overdose can lead to water intoxication and even death. Herbs are not an exception and some of them may even react with other unwanted medicines or some may not be suitable for consumption during pregnancy.
However, adverse effects of the alternative methods of treatment due to inadequate administration in no way implies that the alternative therapies is unsafe on their own. Rather, proven alternative medicine when properly managed, it is not only safe, efficient and cost-effective, but also gives patients choice.
Overall, an absolute answer Yes or no before the safety and effectiveness of alternative medicine does not exist. Assuming that an alternative formulation of medical quality, can be a boon or a bane as treatments administered, as well as when and how they are used.
BTW, I appreciate my mom makes lemonade, if I have a koilitsa torture or not!
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