Saturday, May 3, 2008

Calamus As Alternative Medicine

Calamus As Alternative Medicine

Calamus has been used as an alternative medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks. It was also used by the North American natives such as the Dakotas and early settlers as a treatment for different ailments ranging from diseases of the eye to diabetes.

  1. It is a remedy for digestive complaints such as colic, upset stomach, dysentery and indigestion.
  2. It is a remedy for mental problems such as anxiety.
  3. It is an effective treatment for asthma and bronchitis.
  4. It is a painkiller for headache, chest pain and rheumatism.
  5. It stimulates the nervous system and increases memory.
  6. It is used externally to treat gum disease and other mouth disorders.
  7. It is a remedy for epilepsy and muscle spasms.

The root of this plant is the part used for medicinal purposes. It can be used as a tea or with other herbs as kolanut and guarana. For laryngitis it is used together with platycodon. To treat deafness this herb is combined with turmeric. Magnolia is generally used in combination with calamus to treat congestion of the chest. Calamus is one alternative medicine herb that is used extensively in both Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

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