Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pokeweed As Alternative Medicine

Pokeweed As Alternative Medicine

Pokeweed is an alternative medicine that has been used for thousands of years. The North American Indians used it to treat ailments such as syphilis, cancer, itching, rheumatism and heart disorders. Other names for this herb are pigeon berry, inkberry and pokeberry.

  1. It is used to treat tonsillitis, swollen glands and sore throat.
  2. It is used to prevent pregnancy in women.
  3. It is a treatment for upper respiratory infections.
  4. It is an effective laxative.
  5. It alleviates arthritis and rheumatism related pain.
  6. It is a treatment for infections of the ovaries and testes.
  7. It is used to treat fungal and skin infections such as scabies and acne
  8. Many herbalists used it to treat an under active thyroid and goiter.

Pokeweed is available as powder, tincture, liquid extract and poultice. It is not safe when taken in high doses. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid using this herb. All parts of the pokeweed the berries, leaves and root can be used as alternative medicine.

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