Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cornsilk As Alternative Medicine

Cornsilk As Alternative Medicine

Cornsilk is an alternative medicine derived from the common vegetable, corn. It has been used for over a century for a variety of health problems.

  1. It is a treatment for edema.
  2. It is an effective treatment for bed wetting.
  3. It is used to lower blood pressure.
  4. It is a remedy for water retention.
  5. It can prevent frequent urination.
  6. It can help with weight loss and obesity.
  7. It is a treatment for urinary tract, kidney and bladder infections such as cystitis and kidney stones.

Cornsilk is available as capsules, tea, powder or extract. It is generally taken as a tea. An infusion can be made by steeping 2 teaspoonfuls of fresh or dried silk in 240 ml of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. Cornsilk is often combined with other herbs such as yarrow, bearberry, buchu and couchgrass to treat cystitis. For bed wetting it is used together with horsetail or agrimony.

This herb is safe to be used over long term. There are zero side effects when the standard dosages are taken. It is effective either in fresh or dried form. Pregnant or nursing women and young children must not take cornsilk. People who have kidney or liver diseases must also avoid this herb. Today cornsilk is an alternative medicine used mostly as a diuretic.

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