Monday, June 9, 2008

Tansy As Alternative Medicine

Tansy As Alternative Medicine

Tansy has been used for centuries as an effective alternative medicine for expelling parasites from the intestines. It belongs to the Thistle family and also called gold buttons, bitter buttons, ginger plant and bachelor’s buttons. This wild plant has many other medicinal uses.

  1. It is a remedy for prostatitis.
  2. It is excellent for removing excessive gas from the stomach and digestive tract.
  3. It is effective for treating kidney problems such as water retention.
  4. It is a treatment for gallbladder and liver disorders.
  5. Its leaves can be used as a wash or poultice for skin disorders such as wounds, swelling, ulcers, scabies and cuts.
  6. Its roots are a treatment for gout.
  7. In Europe the elderly people used the leaves to treat fever, colds or stomach upset.
  8. It is a remedy for amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea.
  9. It is a treatment for nausea and stopped menses.

Tansy is available as tea, leaves and roots. It is an herb that is toxic when used in amount other than the recommended dosages and for period longer than 7 days. It should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. This herb is often used with other herbs such as Pennyroyal and Blue Cohosh. For worms infestation it is combined with wormwood, chamomile and senna. To treat prostatitis it is used together with golden seal, agrimony or kava kava. It can also be combined with peppermint or chamomile to give amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea relief. Side effects of toxicity include vomiting, dilated pupils, nausea, rapid pulse, convulsions and even coma. It is sad to say tansy is an alternative medicine that is little used by modern herbalists.

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