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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits - The Truth About Aloe Vera Juice and Acne

Aloe vera is not a drug and it is not a medicine. Aloe vera juice benefits are many and encompass external as well as internal uses. It is a non toxic, alcohol -free, nonoily soothing healing balm.

Aloe vera produces a soft sensation as it is rub into the skin while moisturizing and healing the skin. Aloe is used in many cosmetic products and is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Aloe is a great house plant that doesn't need much tending,and the plant has excellent medicinal uses.

There are over 200 varieties of aloe vera plants that grown outside year-round in the semi-tropical climates of the world. The most common kind of aloe vera plant grows in Aruba . The rest of the varieties are grown all over the world from Africa to Central and Southern United States. There is a big demand for aloe vera products so this plant is grown commercially and is sold around the world.

Lily of the Desert is a common term used for the aloe vera plant. It is a succulent plant that looks like a cactus. This plant is part of the lily family of succulents plants commonly known as aloe. The plant is 90 % water and when the stalk is cut it bleeds a sappy liquid that is used in countless cosmetics, balms, lotions and burn ointments as well as using the gel straight from the plant.

Aloe vera juice benefitsare many when the plant is used as a herbal remedy. When used externally it speeds up the healing process of the skin. The gel from this plant has an anti-inflammatory chemical that works well on insects bite,and plant rashes. If you have a burn,sunburn or a rash and you have an aloe plant in the house you can just break of a piece and rub it on your injury for quick relief of your pain.

Aloe speeds up the healing of injuries and acne and will minimizes scarring and may reverse scars that are less than five years old. Aloe vera fights infections like fungus, bacteria and staph with its antibacterial properties. Aloe is really good for tightening the skin with its astringent properties and it moisturizes the skin by minerals and vitamins that soften the skin going down deep into the tissues of the skin.

Aloe vera is a fantastic "general tonic" that will increase your energy levels and your over all health.

Aloe will ease symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort. Peptic ulcers, upset stomachs,and constipation will all benefit from drinking aloe juice. Aloe increases the oxygen to the cells and increases the general overall healing of the skin. Two to four ounces a day of this juice can give your immune system the needed nutrients to allow the body to clean out the digestive tract.

There are minerals and vitamin galore in aloe juice supplying the body with copper, potassium and many more minerals as well as vitamin A,some B'S,C and E, and lets not forget niacin and folic acid. The juice has 12 substances that stops any inflammation the body, and does it all without any side effects. If you want to detox your body aloe vera juice is one of the best ways to do it. If you are taking chemotherapy or radiation therapy and find you get nauseated drinking this juice will help you get past the sick feeling.

Here is how you can make your own juice from the plants around the house. What you need is a few plants,a blender, some orange juice, container and a couple of things to remember. First off you are going to need quite a few plants just to make enough juice to last for one month. I think yo will find that besides being a messy job, making your own juice, you are going to run out of plants pretty quickly,unless of course you live on a aloe farm where the plant is grown for commercial use.

Take the leaf of the plant and cut the leaf down the center and pry it open and remove the rind and the yellow layer just under the rind. You need to work quickly because the gel oxidizes very quickly and breaks down the nutrients and beneficial compounds.

Take the gel and throw it into the blender with orange juice or grapefruit juice. Doing this will help to stabilize the exposed gel and keep it from oxidizing. Blend this mixture for two minutes and put it in a airtight container and put it in the refrigerator. It will last for a week but it is best if used in a couple of days. Use two tablespoons of this aloe blend with water and drink this a couple times a day

Making your own juice is a novel idea but the facts are it takes a lot of plants to make a month worth of juice.You would be better off using your plants for external uses such as for rubbing on your acne pimples, cuts and burns for example. Just snap off the leaves and open them up and rub the gel directly on your pimples,cuts or burns.

Side effects are very rare but sometimes there is someone who will have and reaction to the aloe plant.They may develop a rash or become congested. the fact are most of the time caused mainly by using the wrong part of the plant. the skin and yellow part just under the skin is used in laxative products and this can causes burning sensation or welts.

You can test for allergy's by rubbing a small amount of aloe on your inner arm,if you have no reaction you are good to go, however if you do have an reaction you may still be good to go.What you say...... A lot of times when this test is preformed and there is an reaction it is not because of the gel but because the body is very toxic and you are having a detox reaction. Rinse it off and try it again.

The bottom line is it looks like aloe vera is very beneficial for the body. the plant helps to heal most external injuries including acne pimples and blemish, working well even on more severe acne like cystic acne. the gel helps to clear up mild scar tissue even older scar look better after being treated with the gel.

Aloe vera juice benefits are many when you drink the juice helping out the body by supplying the body with the minerals and vitamins that the body needs. the juice fixes a lot of problem and even work at treating acne by taking care of problems in the body. I recommend trying aloe vera juice for your acne or as a general drink just for better health.Give it a try,curing acne is not just treating the visible symptoms to truly cure acne you need to treat the complete body.

I'll get straight to the point,the aloe vera juice benefits you get when drinking or applying it to your skin is good,maybe even one of the best treatments you could ask for. The problem is it will only work up to a point. If you want your acne gone for good than you need to get serious about taking steps to get rid of it. Taking medicines and treating the pimples and blemishes is only part of the equation.

Get real and understand if you want to take harmful medicine and hope that the acne will go away than that is your business, however if you are tired of empty promises of getting rid of acne overnight and you are ready to change a couple of things than click this link and learn about getting totally free of acne. Understand that Acne No More will show you what you want and that is for your acne to be gone.

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