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Ginger For Pregnancy Sickness - Why and How You Should Use it

Women often use ginger for pregnancy sickness to provide relief from the nausea and to generally settle their stomach. It can be found in various forms and can be used in various ways. Not everyone is really aware of the reasoning behind using ginger for pregnancy sickness and how you should use it as part of your lifestyle.

Being pregnant should be a joyous experience for any woman. You are glowing, radiant and feeling extremely excited about the little life that has begun to grow inside you. Suddenly all that positive energy can change when you start to feel a wave of nausea washing over you. You are not surprised. Morning sickness is a common and expected side effect from being pregnant.

Some women simply put up with the condition, and then feel nauseous for several months, as they are worried about taking medication that might have an impact on their baby. However, there are natural options available that can provide relief from the major symptoms of the condition. One of the most popular and successful options is ginger.

Why Ginger?

For many centuries, ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been used for medicinal purposes due to the great healing properties that it possesses. It is well known for improving health and increasing feelings of well-being. As a result, it has been prized for hundreds of years by many cultures in places like Asian, India, and Africa. It has always been regarded as possessing warming or heating attributes for the body and is also used in the Asian medicine tradition to alleviate nausea and general stomach upset. In addition, it is also believed to help with other health conditions including menstrual problems, heart conditions, and sore throats.

These healing properties are now being recognized by modern medicine. Studies have now indicated that ginger can also assist in helping to reduce sickness associated with pregnancy. From many trials that have looked at the palliative nature of ginger, all of them concluded that over half of the pregnant women who had tried ginger felt improved health once they began to use it.

How To Use Ginger For Morning Sickness

Ginger can be seen in many different forms including tablets, powders, capsules and tinctures (which is an alcohol-based derivative of the ginger plant). There are other common items that contain ginger too such as cakes, candy, biscuits and ginger ale (the ones made with real ginger at least).

It is common for some women to feel queasy very early in the day - even before they get out of bed. A way to reduce this nausea is to nibble on a few ginger biscuits or crackers as soon as you wake up and before you get moving. Just plan ahead by leaving some next to the bed before you go to sleep.

You may also feel the effects of pregnancy sickness during the day when traveling somewhere or even at work. Ginger can assist here too. Just carry a few ginger lollipops or candies in your bag and use them when you start to feel a bit queasy. These items are readily available in health stores or online.

Herbal tea is another option that you can consider. Relaxing with a cup of ginger tea is a good way to end a stressful or active day. Ginger is a natural and proven choice to relieve some of the problems associated with morning sickness. Used appropriately, and in moderation, it can be a very real treatment option for women to consider.

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