Saturday, November 26, 2011

Medicinal herbs for skin-medicine conspiracy which herbs truths that kept our ancestors away

I am shocked by reducing the use of medicinal herbs for skin and overall health. There are many excellent herbal skin care products out there, but our conventional medicine has moved us far away from the use of herbs which seems the only thing that we think about cooking now-a-days.
What a pity. Herbs have healing gift of nature for many thousands of years. More supplies, including our own, have used them for medicine by modern medical discoveries and research diverted our attention from them. Medicinal herbs of the skin is one of the few areas that might which is still open discussed.
Ironically, medical research projects often study herbs and healthy properties. But the findings are often disguised in scientific words and packaged in appearance of synthetic modern medicine-like, so you don't always see that what we're using is as a herbal remedy from a mythical jungle vine by an Indian in one-frame cloth up to Amazon. Medicinal herbs for skin is an exception, as I said earlier.
Our relationship with nature have also been reduced by moving from the countryside into cities began to convert the West since the industrial revolution 150 years ago, and is now a huge numbers of poor in the slums of gigantic cities in the Middle East and Asia.
Something important has been lost. We have an illness-approach to our health. When we are hit with a disease we go to a doctor. Not before. Instead to receive medical assistance in maintaining our health, we expect something that seems to us, and then try to prevent this.
What is back to front, and completely the opposite of what our forefathers did when they had a slower and healthier life and simple, useful exercise in daily procedures above pre-industrial Europe eat unprocessed foods. Medicinal herbs used for skin and health, and while they could not cure cancer, or to us.
Herbal medicine from total health holistically. This is certainly true with herbal skin care products. Uses the natural herbs to live as healthy, in order to prevent diseases.
Of course, just because something is not found in nature automatically useful. Here in New Zealand, where I live, there are native plants that grow along the edges of forests and streams that have such a strong poison that die strong cattle, eating the shiny green leaves.
But when herbs are collected carefully have a natural ability to heal and prevent illness and disease with strengthening and maintaining the body's own healing powers. And for something as visible as the skin, this is wonderful. Fortunately, medicinal herbs for skin is well documented and well known and can be found is quality creams and lotions that care for our skin.
Watch the tags, though. Read the comments. Sometimes vegetable products that claim to contain medicinal herbs for the care of the skin do not bear the active ingredients that claim. Or include them in small quantities (as a speculative strategy) is ineffective.
Alarmingly, toxic chemicals are often cheaper, mass personal care products as a way to make them smell beautiful and last longer than storage shelves.
For example, blue No. 1 is a widely used artificial colours that have proven to be carcinogenic in animal studies.
DMDM hydantoin is another example. The preservative formaldehyde often drops that can cause skin reactions, allergies, headaches, chronic fatigue and sleep loss.
In conclusion, medicinal herbs and herbal supplements will benefit your health. Nor does it replace a balanced diet of good food, of course. But carefully selected and blended herbs promote your body's immune system and help you maintain good health. I recommend you find a good herbal skin care products and begin to use them to maintain and strengthen the overall level of skin health.

William Leonard writing expertise for skin care and skin care products from www.elegant-skincare.comweb site. To read more about skin care and see our recommendations for care products medicinal herbs for skin running, click now.

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