Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Benefits of Essential Oils Vs Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils are oils from plants and flowers. Essential oils, that have E.O.O.B.D. on their bottles, are Board Certified Oils. This means that they are pure and have not been cut with other oils or perfumes.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. In years past these oils were used much like we would use our medicines and antibiotics today. They were potent then and they are potent now, as great anti bacterial, anti fungal, and anti viral alternative remedies.

Some of these oils can be used as seasonings in food; special care being taken to assure one does not over season the food, due to it's potency. Usually just a drop at a time is all one should add and then follow up with the taste test before adding more.

These oils are very potent. As a matter of fact, doctors in Europe prescribe these oils for patients instead of antibiotics, right now as we speak. The Pharmaseutical companies cast a blind eye to these wondrous oils; preferring to line their pockets with the monies from antibiotics. What is so wonderful about these oils is they are derived directly from Nature and have no harmful side effects. Because they are natural, people do not build up an immunity to them, like they do with antibiotics. The Aromatherapy Oils are cut severely with other oil and have perfume added, making them less healing and more aromatic.

The oils can be a little costly, but they last and last, because of their potency and the fact that you would only use a drop or two at a time. They have no shelf life as long as they are kept in dark bottles and kept in moderate temperatures out of the sun. Since only drops are used they last a very long time.

I became interested out of sheer panic, as I am allergic to many of the antibiotics. My mind wondered what I would do, should I ever really get something that required antibiotics I could not have. Well, sure enough, the inevitable happened and I ended up with a 'Staph' infection. What I needed for my staph infection was very strong and needed to be cut with a Carrier Oil; in this case the carrier oil was Grapeseed. This is to make sure that our delicate skin is not burned by the potency of the oils. This was really scary for me because this staph is the same kind of bacteria tha gangrene is composed of, so this infection was nothing to laugh about.

Because I feel for those who are like me...allergic to so many of the drugs that our doctors prescribe for us, I have found these oils and wanted to bring them to your attention, for you to check out. These days it is always nice to have an alternative health remedy on hand. You can go to this site: to check out what they have, and what they do. The owner of this company is also the founder of these oils and is always happy to talk with you about their benefits. He is always willing and excited to assist.

I am so grateful that there still people available who genuinely want to help people with their health issues, by using alternative methods versus antibiotics. The antibiotics only treat symptoms and not the cause. These oils get at the cause of the malady.

I hope this article has made you more aware that there are alternative ways to address health issues that may be coming our way. They have been here forever, but we have just set them aside in favor of antibiotics...but sometimes those antibiotics are more harm than good, with all the side effects.

Submitted by: Ruth Ota


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