Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ginger and Spice - A Medicine?

Ginger and spice are a tasty addition to stir-fry and desserts, but they can do much more than add flavor. Research in Pubmed suggests that there are phyto-chemicals present in spices that may prevent various chronic illnesses, including cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, pulmonary diseases, and neurological and autoimmune diseases.

Sounds like the whole box and dice! Much much more than taste and color, these spices in particular; turmeric (curcumin), red chilli (capsaicin), cloves (eugenol), ginger (zerumbone), fennel (anethole), kokum (gambogic acid), fenugreek (diosgenin), and black cumin (thymoquinone) are known in cancer prevention, and the mechanism of how these phyto-nutrients neutralize damaging cells is being understood.

If you are thinking well great, sounds like they are a good thing, but how do I eat a handfull of chillies and ginger for supper? The answer can be as simple as adding some each week to your regular shopping, and starting a fresh juice habit.

Research has shown that people who drink 3 serves or more of fresh vegetable and fruit juices reduced the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 76 percent compared to those who drank less than one, and that the beneficial effects were most pronounced in people who carried a genetic marker associated with Alzheimer's.

If we take their research a step further and add some fresh ginger to our juices, or some cloves, fenugreek, chilli and turmeric to our curries, and Fennel to our soups, our foods will taste wonderful, and our body will have power to banish more undesirable elements, and our homes will have the fragrance of fresh spices! Thats total win-win to me!



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