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Ginger: The Incredible Spice And Herbal Supplement

Do you suffer from the pain of arthritis? Do you get menstrual discomfort

that makes even your daily routine difficult? Is your energy level low?

Are you concerned about preventing heart disease? Are you interested in

fighting off the seasonal cold and flu? Do you prefer alternative

medicines over drugs?

Ginger is a wonderful preventative and alternative medicine for many

ailments. It's powerful antioxidant effects and medicinal powers are still

widely unrecognized by many. However, countless research has been done that

shows the benefits of this amazing spice.

Some of the health benefits of ginger are:

Cardiovascular: The first documented report of ginger's potential as a heart

disease medicine came unexpectedly from a group of Cornell Medical School

researchers in 1980. One of the researchers discovered that his blood did

not respond to usual aggregating agents that normally cause clogged

arteries, a major cause of heart attacks. The aggregating agents were

inhibited through the consumption of ginger. Ginger also showed no side


Arthritis: In 1989, two Danish studies were performed with arthritic

patients. They consumed either fresh or powdered ginger for a period of

three months. The majority of patients reported the ginger produced better

relief of pain, swelling and stiffness. In fact, some of the patients

observed added benefits of taking ginger. Some of those benefits included

fewer colds, improvement of stomach irritation and less constipation. Again

without side effects. (Author of the study-K.C. Srivastava)

Colds: "The hot decoction of ginger tea is an excellent diaphoretic for

breaking up incipient colds. It stimulates the circulation and the warmth

it imparts to the body corrects the surface chilliness associated with stimulates the flow of the digestive juices and the warmth it

imparts to the stomach is gratifying."

A. W. Kuts-Cheraux. N.D.

*Ginger powder capsules or the root of ginger can be used in place of ginger


Immune System: Ginger not only maintains immune system functioning but

studies in Montreal and in Tokyo (in 1955 and 1979 respectfully) concluded

that the spice may actually enhance immunity. To achieve its effect, it

appears that ginger functions from the most fundamental levels of the immune

system. Ginger might stimulate host resistance against various diseases.

In order to maintain a healthy immune system, our bodies must rid themselves

of harmful toxins. Ginger is a powerful way to detoxify our bodies. By

detoxifying our bodies and building our immune system, we increase our

energy level and stamina.

Over a period of 5,000 years, ginger traveled from South-east Asia to the

New World. Considered a treasure by some of the great figures of history,

its ancient trade helped shape nations and ensure its worldwide cultivation.

Ginger is a remarkably safe herb. Both fresh and dry ginger are recommended

forms of supplementation. There will be different properties gained from

each. Ginger is commercially available in many forms including fresh (using

the roots), dried, syrup, capsule and extract. Always consult a physician

before taking any alternative medicine.

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Reference: "Ginger-Common Spice and Wonder Drug", by Paul Schulick

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