Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ginger Extract - Discover the Many Benefits of Ginger For Your Hectic Lifestyle

Let's face it, this modern world that we live in has brought us some wondrous things but along with it has come some really bad things. Like convenience food. Don't get me wrong it's not all bad but the majority of it is. If it comes ready made in plastic packaging and can be zapped in the microwave you can almost guarantee that it won't be good for you.
Now I'm not saying we should forgo convenience food altogether but a balance is needed. Sometimes there's just no time to spend hours preparing a healthy meal and if you're a rubbish cook it's even harder to motivate yourself to get into the kitchen.
There are a few basic ingredients that no kitchen should be without and can be easily used by even the most incompetent cook to make a delicious meal. One of these ingredients is ginger. It's extremely versatile, it can be used to great effect in both sweet and savoury dishes.
It's also available in various forms including ginger powder, ginger extract and fresh. As always fresh is best but if the recipe says so there's certainly no harm in using the powdered or ginger extract variety and you can find all three in most supermarkets.
For some amazingly simple yet fantastic recipes just type, "4 ingredient recipes" ginger, into a search engine. There you'll find a few duff search results but there's also some real gems as well.
The very best thing about this amazing little herb is not only does it add a stunning flavour to your dish it's actually really good for you. The active ingredients that makes it so good for you are volatile oils called gingerols and shogaols. The Chinese have used it in medicine for over 2000 years and it's been used as a culinary spice in Indian cuisine for nearly 4500 years.
The part used is the stem or rhizome as its known. It's beige in colour and grows underground. The above ground part isn't used and stretches about 12 inches high. It has narrow, long green leaves and white or yellow/green flowers.
Today health professionals recommend fresh ginger or ginger extract as a supplement to help treat or prevent sickness and vomiting for short periods of time. Studies have shown it can help during pregnancy, after surgery, during chemotherapy, for sea sickness and motion sickness and general feelings of an upset stomach. Further studies are needed to confirm the results and to establish the limits of safety but initial findings are very positive.
It's also been reported to help with digestive problems, inflammation including relieving arthritic symptoms, it can lower cholesterol, thin the blood and has anti cancer properties. That's a pretty impressive list for such a stumpy little herb.
To recap ginger is a fantastic little spice, it's readily available at most convenience stores, it comes in various forms including, ginger extract, powdered or fresh. It's versatile in cooking and has many medicinal properties of which helping symptoms of nausea and sickness is one of them.
I understand that incorporating fresh ginger into you daily diet can be quite difficult that's why taking ginger extract as a supplement can give you all of the benefits mentioned above in the same way as fresh does. To find out more about what supplements can do for you visit my website.

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