Saturday, February 23, 2008

Horsetail As Alternative Medicine

Horsetail As Alternative Medicine

Horsetail is an alternative medicine dating back to the times of ancient Roman and Greek cultures. It was used to treat ulcers, wounds, tuberculosis, kidney disorders and also to stop bleeding.

  1. It is a powerful remedy for osteoporosis, arthritis, torn ligaments and broken bones due to its high content of silicon.
  2. It is a treatment for nosebleed, hemorrhage and menstrual clots.
  3. It is used for the treatment of urinary tract infections, bladder stones and kidney stones.
  4. It is an effective remedy for lung problems such as bronchitis and tuberculosis.
  5. It is a treatment for eye infections such as inflammation and conjunctivitis.
  6. It is a remedy for hair loss and unhealthy hair.
  7. It is a diuretic to treat water retention such as swelling in the legs.

Horsetail is usually taken as a tincture, capsules or tea. The tea is good for strengthening nails, teeth, bones and hair. It is also used to heal ulcers in the stomach. This herb can be used together with Hydrangea to treat prostate problems. Standard dosage for tea is 3 to 4 grams of leaves a day. Continue with the treatment until the sickness or injury is healed.

When use in small amounts and not over a long period horsetail is safe. However, young children, expectant and nursing women must avoid using it. I have not personally tried this herb. However, after reading an article on what silicon can do to repair cartilages I now look at horsetail as an alternative medicine from a new perspective.

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