Friday, March 14, 2008

Eyebright As Alternative Medicine

Eyebright As Alternative Medicine

Eyebright is an alternative medicine best known for the treatment of eye problems. The stem, leaf and flowers all can be used as medicine. This herb is often used by herbalists to treat eye infection, poor vision, eye ulcers, eye strain and sensitivity to light.

  1. It is also a remedy for respiratory disorders such as colds, sinusitis, coughs, flu, hoarseness and bronchitis.
  2. It is effective in treating hay fever, allergies and headaches.
  3. It is a treatment for earaches, middle ear infection and jaundice.

Eyebright is available as capsules, tinctures, extract and teas. It can be taken orally or as an eyewash or compress externally. To treat eye complaints eyebright is often used together with goldenseal. For conjunctivitis related swelling or redness a poultice is commonly used. Do not apply the tincture solution on the eyes as its alcohol content could irritate the eyes and cause itching and swelling.

This herb is not recommended for use by nursing or pregnant women. The tannins in eyebright also affect iron supplements absorption. When using this herb wear sunglasses and avoid bright light. Some of the common side effects include sneezing, itching, stuffy nose, headache, weakness and disturbed vision. However, eyebright is still the herbalists’ favorite alternative medicine for inflamed, tired, sensitive and stinging eyes.

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