Monday, March 24, 2008

Myrrh As Alternative Medicine

Myrrh As Alternative Medicine

Myrrh is a very old alternative medicine used since the times of ancient Egypt. It was mentioned in the Holy Bible as one of the gifts given by the wise men to Jesus as an infant. Myrrh is not as potent as golden seal but very often it is used in place of golden seal.

  1. It a preventative to fight gum diseases such as loose teeth.
  2. It is a remedy for rheumatism and arthritis.
  3. It is a treatment for menstrual complaints and hormone imbalance.
  4. It is an immune system booster.
  5. It can prevent hardening of the arteries.
  6. It can expel slivers, thorns from the skin and parasites from the body.
  7. It is used to treat skin disorders such as wounds, boils and ulcers.
  8. It is a remedy for respiratory diseases such as bronchial infection.
  9. It stimulates blood flow.
  10. It is a treatment for bad breath, gingivitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.
  11. It gives relief for stomach distress.

Myrrh is available as capsules or tincture. This herb can be used to treat herpes by combining with honey and coriander. Pregnant and nursing women must not use this herb. In addition for those who are diabetics or with kidney complaints they must avoid using myrrh. It is one of the most effective disinfectants from ancient times. Myrrh is a very potent alternative medicine and it is best to use it in moderation.

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