Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rue As Alternative Medicine

Rue As Alternative Medicine

Rue is an alternative medicine to treat eye complaints such as sore eyes and eyestrain. This herb was even mentioned in the Holy Scriptures during the times of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.

1. It is a remedy for spasms and muscular cramps.

2. It is used to induce abortions.

3. It is a treatment for menstrual complaints.

4. It is a sedative to calm nervousness.

It is available as extract, capsule and tea. Its oil or leaves can be used topically on the skin. However, such application can cause blistering if the skin is exposed to the sun. Pregnant or nursing women must refrain from using this herb. There are some side effects such as vomiting, severe stomach or convulsions with the use of rue oil. It has even been known to cause dermatitis and miscarriage in some individuals. Rue is an alternative medicine that has the potential to be quite dangerous and should be used under strict supervision only.

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