Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dandelion As Alternative Medicine

Dandelion As Alternative Medicine

Dandelion is an alternative medicine that has been used by herbalists for more than 1000 years. The whole plant can be used as a medicine both internally and externally. In China it has been used to treat breast cancer for hundreds of years.

  1. It is a remedy for liver disorders such as gallstones, jaundice and hepatitis.
  2. It is a treatment for skin conditions such as eczema and wounds.
  3. It gives relief for gout, rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain.
  4. It treats anemia and poor circulation.
  5. It is effective against digestive complaints such as heartburn, peptic ulcer and constipation.
  6. It lowers cholesterol levels.
  7. It is used to treat allergies and asthma.

Dandelion herbs and roots are available as teas, capsules, tablets, tinctures and liquid. It is a very safe herb to use even when taken in large doses. Side effects including diarrhea, contact dermatitis and gastrointestinal upset are rare. Pregnant or nursing women are not advised to take this herb. For people who are on drugs for diabetes, blood pressure and bipolar disorder such as lithium, niacin and phenotiazines they should avoid using dandelion. It can also affect the effectiveness of antacids, antibiotic ciprofloxacin and thyroid hormones. If this herb is used with niacin it may cause stomach upset and flushing. Today the root of dandelion remains a very popular alternative medicine used by herbalists.

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