Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sorrel As Alternative Medicine

Sorrel As Alternative Medicine

Sorrel is often used as an alternative medicine by herbalists in olden times to treat stomach disorders. It belongs to the buckwheat family and is often used in combination with other herbs.

  1. It is used externally to treat skin disorders such as ringworm and itchy skin
  2. A tea made from its leaves can reduce fever.
  3. It is effective for digestive complaints such as weak stomach, indigestion and poor appetite.
  4. It is a treatment for sinus infections.
  5. Its juice is used as a gargle to treat sore throat.

Sorrel is safe to use for most people. However, it can be toxic if large dosages are used. People with kidney ailment must avoid using this herb. It could cause kidney stones. This herb must not be used with any supplements that contain oxalate. It can also affect the iron, zinc and calcium levels in the body. Sorrel is a versatile alternative medicine but it is not suitable for everyone due to its oxalic acid.

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