Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tormentil As Alternative Medicine

Tormentil As Alternative Medicine

For centuries tormentil has been used by herbalists to treat a wide range of health disorders. Such complaints include mouth ulcers, laryngitis, bleeding gums, pharyngitis and scrofula.

  1. It is a treatment for intestinal and stomach complaints such as gastritis, diarrhea, colitis and dysentery.
  2. It is effective in staying all kinds of bleeding such as intestinal bleeding, nose bleeding or wounds.
  3. Juice made from the root or herb is anti-venom and a remedy for measles and chickenpox.
  4. It is a gargle for throat and mouth inflammation.
  5. It is also excellent for piles and infections of the vagina.

Tormentil is available as tea or tincture. It is also a powerful remedy for outward wounds and sores. It is often used in wound lotions and injections to treat foul sores and ulcers for different parts of the body. Those who have a weak stomach should not take this herb. It could cause vomiting or digestive problems. Tormentil has many medicinal uses but it is best known as an alternative medicine for staying fluxes of blood.

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