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Tips for drying herbs for medicinal use

How to harvest and dry your herbs depends largely on what is planned using herbs. There are a few general rules to be followed, however, if you plan on using for medicinal, culinary and aromatic herbs. Remember that if your dried herbs to use floral arrangements be vigilant flowers.

The best time for the collection or harvesting of each Herb is after every morning dew is dried in the Sun. The season will depend to a large extent on the use. If you are looking for perfumes of a particular Herb, who want to snip the sheets before flowers Herb. If you are looking for the flower for harvesting, you want to cut them before actually Bloom. The drying process will not prevent the actual start of bloom. For seeds, you want to collect them before they break open and fall for broadcast.

There are several methods of drying whatever part of the Herb are looking to use it. A simple method that works is the definition of a screen in dry sunny location and place the comes from herb at only one level. Activating herbs, at least once a day until dry. You do not have a screen cover a baking sheet with a double layer of paper towel and specifying the herbs in it. Works just as well.

If you harvest large amounts of herbs, you might want to use a different method from the screen. One way is to balance the comes with a rubber band (comes as dried Herb will shrink) and hang them in a warm dark place with plenty of air circulation. If you have a question, try to make holes in a brown paper bag and place over herbs (be careful not to touch the flowers) and hang for about two weeks.

Drying seeds, wrap a brown paper bag (not holes this time) around comes from the Herb and hang the bag, so that the seeds will fall to the bottom of the bag. It will take about two weeks for all seeds will be reduced.

Have now dried herbs. There is always the oven. Spread a layer of herbs a cookie sheet and place in the oven (set the oven on the lowest possible temperature). Let the kiln and activating herbs, at least once a day (twice is better). It will be dry (depending on the type of Panos) within hours.

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