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Herbs as an alternative medicine

Herbal therapies are considered by some as a treatment should be preferred by chemical drugs, produced industrially.

The drug itself comes from the Dutch word "druug" which means "dried plants."

All plants produce chemical compounds as part of their normal metabolic activities.

Many alkaloids found in plants that have dramatic effects on the central nervous system. Caffeine is an alkaloid that provides a mild lift. The alkaloids in certain plants such as Datura plant may cause severe intoxication and even death.

Herbs and spices in cooking

The use of herbs and spices in cooking probably comes partially as a response to the threat of food-born virus, or other microorganisms that can cause disease.

Especially in tropical climates where virus or micro-organisms are abundant, recipes, and more are spices. Spices with the most powerful anti-microbial substances tend to be selected.

With all cultures vegetables are spiced less than meat because the plant is more resistant to deterioration.

Herbs for medicinal use

Since Botany is such a diverse field few generalizations apply. A shoe does not fit all.

Most would agree herbalist medicines are more effective in emergency situations where time is of crucial importance.

However, in the long term herbs can help to fight the disease. Provide nutritional support and immune that the lack of pharmaceutical products. The ultimate goal of the botanists view, such as the prevention and cure.

Botanists tend to use different parts of the plant, roots, stems, leaves. Pharmaceutical medicine prefers using a single ingredient. Botanists on the other hand, that the combination of ingredients that interact to reinforce the effects of the Herb and dilute toxicity.


A survey released in 2004 focused used complementary and alternative medicines. The survey was conducted in the United States and is limited to adults 18 years and older. The results of the surveys showed herbs therapy and natural products other than vitamins and minerals often used as alternative medicine.

Herbs are a huge consumer base because they are in some vegetables, tea or spices. It is quite common in European countries.

Health risks

Herbal medicines offers a cheap and safe alternative to pharmaceuticals. Although it may occur herbs/prescription drugs interactions. Some herbal remedies can cause an unwanted communication when used in combination with prescription or over the counter drugs.

That is why it is extremely important that you discuss with your doctor all of your medications, supplements and herbs.

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Medicinal herbs used in the correct way can have a long lasting effect, and will heal the whole body.