Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can alternative medicine with diabetes?

Recently, you have been outside of your item. There is an alarming feeling of fatigue. After a check up is a doctor, the disclosure will never be as surprised.

The condition is borderline diabetes. Maintain control of your diet prevented a fully developed diabetes. The doctor to watch what you eat, blood sugar monitor, and everything will be alright.

However there is no guarantee. One simple task trying alternative medicine, including herbs.

The man was suffering from diabetes since time immemorial. And since the allopathic treatment was not available at the time, ancient man had a more natural solution to cure diabetes-herbs.

Natural diabetes treatment is effective, because herbs all naturally less usual side effects. Some of these herbs import into a daily dietary intake will help improve health in just a short time.

Here is a list of herbs that can be used as alternative medicine.

* Cayenne

* Cinnamon

* Huckleberry

* Yarrow

* Banaba-a natural vegetable insulin

* Cassius excerpt

* Guggle

* Bitter melon-regulates blood sugar

* Juniper

Vanadyl Sulfate *

The herbs are surprisingly inexpensive for the treatment of diabetes. Instead of a daily dose of insulin doses, herbs you will be paid is worth any price.

Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA is expected to hide relevant information from the public, although the tremendous reputation of alternative medicine will not be kept secret for a long time. In particular, such as diabetes responds differently to treatment.

-Diabetes/borderline diabetes is serious as a full-fledged diabetes. Requires changes in the way of life, as well as the support of natural herbal treatments to keep blood sugar. And then recognizing the effects of alternative medicine can be used as a preventive measure during the development of type 2 diabetes.

Insulin injection has its own return. This may affect other drugs prescription altering the results. There are no herbs substitutes for just as birth control pills. The safest methods for managing blood sugar for diabetes are natural herbs.

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