Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taking alternative medicine for rheumatoid arthritis are effective?

For almost every disease there is a kind of medicine and also a so-called alternative medicine. Therefore, should not be such a surprise that there are alternatives to regular medicines for rheumatoid arthritis as well. Most of these, at least according to studies, do not work in any way, but there are some who showed some form of relieve, and perhaps some form of treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.
When we talk about alternative medicine are not only talking about herbs, and other means of relieving rheumatoid arthritis. Many people use alternative medicine on a daily basis, possibly mixed some herbs together and creating a more efficient alternative medicine to alleviate the symptoms that can be very painful and perhaps reducing swelling caused by the disease. Other forms of alternative medicine one can think in this context is acupuncture or massage, chiropractics, they proposed to sometimes to keep the body in shape.
The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder of the system in such a way that patients tissues forming a joint attack by the immune system. This causes the destruction of joints in such a way that the patient loses mobility in areas affected by the disease. As far as we know alternative medicine can not stop this loss of mobility of joints, but may provide some pain relief.
Ginger and bark of willow
Some people who have used this type of alternative medicine for rheumatoid arthritis have had some success in reducing the inflammation that is often associated with this disease, and some also reported that the pain would be less pronounced. Fresh or only slightly roasted Ginger has certain anti-inflammatory properties, or so called, that can help to reduce inflammation of the joints when patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Some patients have seen good results taking Ginger day-to-day, either fresh or in the tea, it was said by them to reduce swelling and inflammation.
Cat claw or claw of Satan, your choice.
Cat claw Devil's claw or two herbs which are also known to reduce swelling, pain and inflammation of the joints. Devil's claw is particularly known for improving the mobility of joints affected in this way a patient can reduce the amount of regular medication taken to cure rheumatoid arthritis. Devil's claw should take several months to start looking is a high potential.
Always, you should ask for advice from someone who is an expert in this field, herbs, only one person who deals with alternative medicine on a daily basis can provide the right advice for your particular disease and the treatment you need. Please do not place or store each component that you think is an alternative medicine without consulting an expert in this field.

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