Thursday, January 19, 2012

The benefits of green tea for your skin.

Green tea would seem to be aid to the world the correction for all! It is more than a pill, a tea, an excerpt, a weight loss product, a supplement and a skin Enhancer. For almost 4000 years, it was something that the Chinese seated around a table and ritually bu in tiny cups to relax. No more! Today, green tea form liquid tea and in the form of pills and even in the form of topical cream skin is everywhere and does it all. Or, if it said. So said and so little evidence. But that is changing. And, regardless of what research colleges and laboratories and the FDA do, nothing means more results. With green tea products, the positive evidence is overwhelming, with so little negative being said do doubt you.

It would appear that the benefits of drinking green tea and takes as pills goes beyond what we suffer externally. Apparently, it has advantages assimilate within and beyond, to the benefit of the surfaces. It protects against damage of the skin to the Sun, blackheads and acne, is used as a topical mask, helps stop aging of the skin and produces a balance of oils, by drinking the tea, to swallow the pill and the use of creams on your skin green tea. It is blended with jojoba, jasmine, almond extract, honey, pearl barley and vitamin a and e most acid Alpha Lipoic, odour, feeding on the health of the skin and internal. It is good for the hands, the neck, shoulders, and any where, that a high exposure to the Sun or for people who work with their hands. The cream of the most popular perhaps is in Asia that is mixed with butter of Shea for its wealth and its ability to be absorbed by the skin and improve the clarity and rich in appearance.

The properties are derived from the same thing that makes the tea and the pill and other supplements so desired. Tips of tender of the Camellia Sinensis plant grown primarily in Asia are due for medicinal properties such as polyphenols (which produce radical free benefits anti - flavenoids) specifically epigallocatchin gallate (EGCG) protects the skin against sun damage and aging with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents.

As with the most benefits claimed by green tea in all its forms, most of the research is only performed on rats, and other mammals. Little has been tested on humans. But, the indication in green tea products are more than a myth. It may be around for centuries, but it has only been on the world market for a relatively short time. Until some negative begin to appear, some adverse effects begin to appear, or certain products manufactured without scruples and distributors begin something which proves detrimental marketing, skin creams are likely to receive the attention that most cosmetics receive.... and that is none. The FDA rarely, or never monitors these products. So, as they say... "the evidence is the pudding" meaning, try it and if you like and get the results you want, and then continue to use it. It sells because its positive reputation. This is not evil that celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey's high-profile used with Hoodia and talks positively on his show on this subject. Word of mouth has always been the best seller.

For more information about this Steve ten, visit his long article describing the benefits of the use of pills for skin [] Green tea at his web site.

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