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Essential elements of the Digestion and Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, the digestion is essential for health and the good immunity. It is important to remember that it is not only what we eat, but also what we digest which is important for the vitality. For a moment imagine your belly as a cauldron with a flame providing heat bellow to break food until then all these essential nutrients can be absorbed. The strength of this metabolic process depends on the intensity of the fire. If our digestive fire is weak we are not able get what we need our food. Furthermore, incomplete digestion results in metabolic waste, known as moisture or Chinese medicine phlegm.

Here are some guidelines to consider.

* Reduce or eliminate the foods that are difficult to digest or are known allergies - particularly refined sugars and oils, dairy products, sweeteners and wheat products. Seeing as a block of the North American diet includes these elements, it may take some work to find appropriate alternative solutions. Good sweeteners include extracts of Stevia (found in most health food stores), syrup, barley extract of malt and small quantities of maple syrup or of raw cane sugar natural juice of rice. Alternatives to wheat products include the rye bread, cakes of rice, oats, millet, corn, or brown rice pasta. Alternatives to dairy products include organic soy milk or almonds, goat or sheep and cheese milk rice.

* In general focus on fresh, organic vegetables, slightly cooked or steamed. Small amounts of lean based animal protein and pulse should be cooked completely in stews or soups. Also include modest amounts of whole grains such as brown rice or Qinoa, millet and oats for fiber.

* Avoid eating raw foods especially in winter. -Feeding raw is very cooling and can extinguish fire digest when consumed in excess quantities. It is recommended that light steam or cook your vegetables to preserve natural enzymes. Simmered dishes, the gruels and soups are easy to digest.

* Avoid eating or late-night meal - rule eat be 2/3 full. Dining beyond this point probably will you feel sleepy and lethargic. According to Chinese medicine, the digestive system is lower at this time. If you can take your last 3 hours meals before you go to bed.

* When you eat, eat. Try to avoid distractions like TV, work, arguments, when you eat. Take the time to enjoy your food and the company you are with that.

* Tune in how you feel before and after meals - this will help you make more conscious food choices. Instead of feeling guilty for eating too much candy, any notice you feel afterwards. Over time you will naturally want to eat foods that make you feel well, rather than be motivated by guilt or shame to eat better. Often the food choices are dictated by the unconscious or gratification comfort rather than a need for food again. Bring these unconscious patterns to light will finally be dis-empower them.

* A note on the combination of food - some food base directives: are keeping sugar and distinct fruit of proteins during meal hours. The more complex that the meal is with many of the ingredients and the forms of the protein more difficult, that it will be to digest. Try to keep your simple meals as possible, to focus on fresh vegetables and lean or legume based proteins.

* Get out and move your body - light physical exercise, especially walking improves peristalsis and assist the process of digestion of the traffic.

* Wake your IM system the morning - drink a cup of hot water of lemon, first thing in the morning half an hour before breakfast. This prepares your digestive system to your daily meals.

Useful products

Probiotics – probiotics create good intestinal flora which are essential for the assimilation of the nutrients in our food. This is particularly important after a course of antibiotics. Acidophilus and probiotics based spores as b. laterosporus and L. Sporogenes. Products such as the Nature and Primal Defense Biotics eradicate yeast, and parasites. Double natural factors (10 billion active cells) is also effective. Take probiotics before bed or first thing in the morning.

Digestive enzymes - digestive enzymes help the assimilation of nutrition and metabolic waste. A digestive enzyme of full spectrum is recommended to take at each meal.

Recommended food Super Green - Green food super harmonize the acidity of the body and are very clean. Thus the Greens are high in essential nutrition that feed and restore the normal functioning of the cell. Chlorella, grass barley, alfalfa, Wild algae blue - green and the examples of useful green Spirulina. Green food may be taken with meals, 1 - 2 times per day.

If you are a person who has difficulty with chronic digestive disorders and you live in Victoria BC consider booking a consultation of health free 20 minutes today to discuss how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you - Essentials of grand Digestion

Silas Rosenblatt, R Ac
South Island Stress clinic

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