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Go For a Natural Remedy - Go For Dandelion

Herbal remedies are 100% natural and they are less likely to result in side effects as compared to modern drugs. In addition to that, they are also proven to be effective even if it takes time. Taking a single herb will just relieve the illness or ailment that you have but also it will have other benefits for your body. Let's take Dandelion as an example.

Dandelion is a plant with flat leaves and a bright, yellow flower. It turns into a dandelion clock when it matures. Dandelion clock spreads the Dandelion spores on the wind. At around 1373, it has been used as an herbal remedy and its use was first documented. Dandelion is high in Vitamin C and it has made a vital food for settlers, ship crews, armies worried to avoid Scurvy, an illness brought by a deficiency in Vitamin C.

It is an unusual multiplier and it has become popular because of its medicinal value. It has become the most common, convenient and beneficial herbal medicine. It has been used for many centuries by customary Chinese medication. It is for liver detoxification and natural diuretic for reduction of inflammation. It contains potassium and it may normalize blood sugar. Unlike any other commercial diuretics, dandelion does not result in potassium deficiency because it is very rich in potassium. It is considered safe diuretic suitable for many especially children.

Dandelion is a mild herb that can be used regularly. It will attack irritating free radicals floating around your bloodstream because it is an antioxidant and a source of first class Vitamin C. It will also make your skin healthy by making you look younger. It is best known for its diuretic properties because of its ability to increase waste products in urine. People who have able to take this as their supplement testified that it has stimulated their digestive system and increased their appetite. It is also an effective liver cleanser. It is a source of nutrients and a mild stimulant for your colon and urinary tract.

As a matter of fact, it contains more nutrients than Spinach. It appears commonly in salads and soups of European cuisine. Dandelion & Burdock, a popular drink in UK is still available in supermarkets. Dandelion can be made into a soft drink. It has the addition of some Citrus flavoring.

Aside from taking Dandelions in drinking wine or soft drink or in a salad, you can also find it in a variety of forms like pills and capsules.


Dandelion is considered safe but it may also trigger some side effects. Some people may develop allergic reactions and some may have mouth sores. You should avoid dandelions if you have an allergy in chrysanthemums, ragweed, chamomile, marigold, daisies or iodine. If you apply topically, it may irritate your skin. Consult your doctor for more information.

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