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Dandelions are a weed medicinal plant not only herbal plant and

You can use dandelions as a herbal and medicinal plant plant; It is only a weed. You can use the roots of dandelions to make teas and tinctures. The dandelion flower can be used to make dandelion wine and leaves can be cut and added to salads, soups or stews. The versatility of the dandelion grass is staggering.
There are long, doctors treating patients under the Doctrine of Signatures. They believed that the herbs were signed by God to indicate their medicinal use by color. Therefore, they treaties jaundice with a tonic dandelion because of its yellow hue. Days Victorian cooks increased dandelions in their gardens, kitchen for their recipes and, of course, the addition to make dandelion wine.
The French call the dimethylbutanoyl or dent de lion. They believe that the petals reminded them of the teeth of the lion. She has acquired many names of nick along the years, ball shot or ball bouffée, say the - time and clockflower. The puff ball nickname refers to the days after flowering, when a globe of feathers of seed appears to be blown by the wind to a new destination. It is said that dandelion can predict the weather. If the day should be fine the flower opens fully. If the closed flower ball, is a sign of rain.
Dandelion grows across the United States and the Canada. It has a long growth period which lasts from spring to autumn. Early spring is the best time to harvest the green of the leaves before the dandelion flowers. Once the dandelion flowered the leaves will be very bitter. The leaves of dandelions have more iron than spinach and carotene than carrots.
Common dandelion weed is filled with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium. He added that supplies of vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and e. Who knew?
The dandelion uses as a herbal plant a lot. You can use the flowers to make dandelion wine. Grind to a cutting flowers in 4 cups of white wine, put in an airtight container and let steep for 4 weeks. Of course, the strain on the flowers before drinking. The leaves are a tea or can be used chopped in a salad, soups and dishes simmered. Roots can be performed in a caffeine free coffee after roasting or dry dyes. The entire dandelion can be used as a plant based on plants or of a medicinal plant. Make sure only to dig deep when harvesting dandelion, as he has a very long tap root.
Another useful use the dandelion herb is to a large bowl of it with an Apple juice ½. You will find a way very simple to supplement your diet with beneficial properties of the dandelion plant.
Dandelion as a medicinal plant can be used in a variety of ways. In the spring, select young leaves to be eaten in salads take advantage of all the vitamins and minerals. Pick mature leaves, before the flowers of dandelion, for their qualities diuretics to clean the bladder and urinary tract. The tea leaves will allow PMS associated ease water retention. The Milky SAP that oozes stem is said to remove warts.
Therefore the dandelion is not only a weed, it can be used as a herbal and medicinal herb plant. Or seen as a fun childhood memory. How many of us can remember braiding "necklaces" dandelions as young children. Or, don't forget the pleasure of blowing on the ball of the puff to disperse its seeds. It is time to reconnect with Dandelion and all it is.
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