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Nombreuses thérapies alternatives de médecine pour traiter des hallucinations auditives

There are often drugs or toxins of heavy metals underlying auditory hallucinations. Quantum brain healing will begin with detoxification of the body of toxins and heavy metals and amino acid orthomolecular therapy. It will then integrate treatment vitamin IV and acupuncture for twenty treatments. Aromatherapy may be found as a method to calm the brain. Hallucinations require several types of alternative therapy for some patients. Detoxification can resolve hallucinations high much for patients with levels of heavy metals, toxins and pesticides. This patient can be obtained completely after detoxification and acupuncture. It is imperative to recall that this substance abuse must be eliminated for that these patients to get and stay healthy.

Hallucination Alternative Therapies include:

• Detoxification
• Organic food
• IV vitamin therapy
• Aromatherapy
• The orthomolecular with amino acid treatment
• Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - low frequency
• Leather scalp acupuncture
• Herbal Chinese patent formulas
• Herbs
• Atrial acupuncture
• Group Cognitive Therapy
• Alpha 100 Stim

Quantum brain healing will follow detox with dietary changes, including the Elimination of caffeine, food additives and artificial sweeteners and introduce a rich in minerals and vitamins fresh organic regime. Whole food based multi-vitamin and anti-aging as CoQ10, Reservetrol and alpha lipoic acid supplements can improve the overall health quickly. Taken daily green tea is another anti-aging drink good. Dietary changes should include organic decaffeinated coffee reduced the fine foods, water source, organic fruit and organic vegetables. Oral chelators may be introduced in the diet on a frequent basis to help prevent hallucinations recurrence after treatment. Oral chelators include pectin, organic barley, organic wheat grass tablets tablets, coriander, thistle, pectin, garlic and chlorella. It is very important to maintain the diet own to treat this symptom with success. © Dr R Stone, MD in medicine Alternative-India

Dr. R Stone has a medical degree in medicine the India Alternative, MBA in Finance from St. Thomas University in Houston and BBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. R Stone has also trained in the Laser treatment and NAET. Dr. R Stone formed the International Association of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics.

Memberships: Cambridge which, Stanford Medicine which Academy of anti-aging, American Academy of medicine, anti-aging, Kunsthaus Museum (Zurich), Museum of Modern Art, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Foundation of Dali, Austin Art Alliance and Chagall Foundation.

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