Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dandelion: Gift of Miracle of mother earth

The name Latin of dandelion, Taraxacum officinale, translates "official use in the case of disorders". Dandelion is a native of Europe and the name comes from the French term "dimethylbutanoyl", dent de lion meaning, which refers to the green leaves dark, strongly toothed characteristics of this plant. A prominent herbalist, Gregory Tilford is quoted as saying, "Dandelion is one of the most complete foods of plant on Earth." All essential nutrients are conveniently contained in one source, in quantities that the body can easily process and fully absorb. "A single source, that I consulted in the research for this article suggests that" Dandelion is so good for you that would do you well to dry them and their powder and place the powder in a salt to be sprinkled on all your food as a nutritional supplement.
Called the "King of weeds" by veterans, the Chinese have known on the antibacterial properties of the juice of dandelion since the 7th century. In fact, it is one of 6 top plants in Chinese medicine chest. In Chinese medicine, it is considered a cleansing tonic, digestion of blood, and used in the treatment of diabetes. It is ground and applied as a poultice for snake bites. The Canada, are considered as the leaves of dandelions be consumed without danger and dandelion root is already marketed as a diuretic drug registered by Health Canada. Canada imports most of its dandelion of the United States although it can be easily grown in the Canada.
The plant is valuable as a general tonic, as a general stimulant of the system, particularly the urinary organs. Can be considered an infusion of the sheet, extraction of juice, a root decoction, fluid or dye. Fresh leaves can be added to salads. The extraction of the juice is the most powerful for medicinal purposes. The Milky latex of dandelion can be used as a mosquito repellent.
Dr. Peter a. Gail, in his book, "The dandelion celebration - the Guide to unexpected Cuisine" written that dandelion eaten as part of your daily food prevents or cures the liver disease; helps weight reduction; cleans the skin and prevents acne; Removes or drastically reduces acid indigestion and the accumulation of gas by cutting the heaviness of fatty food; lowers serum cholesterol by as much as half; prevents or lessens the blood pressure; prevents or cures the various forms of cancer; and prevent or control diabetes mellitus, then that at the same time have no negative effect aside and acting selectively on only headaches than you.
Dandelion leaves is a good natural source of potassium and reconstruct the entire potassium which may be lost because the diuretic action of the grass on the kidneys. The leaves are the source of the richest in beta-carotene green vegetables, contain more iron and calcium than spinach, are rich in fibres, sodium, magnesium, vitamin B-1, B - 2, 5-B, B - 6, 12-B, C, E, P and D, iron, phosphorus, a good source of protein and rich in micronutrients such as copper, cobaltzinc and molybdenum. You can buy the dandelion sections of specialty-products of most grocery stores; the leaves, dyes and organic products grocery stores and food stores, or develop your own.
WARNING if you are harvesting dandelions, to ensure that plants have not been sprayed herbicides, pesticides or as they will contain poisons. Get rid of lawn dandelions with pesticides may jeopardize health for adults, children and animals.

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