Sunday, December 23, 2007

Black Walnut As Alternative Medicine

Black Walnut As Alternative Medicine

Since the times of Ancient Romans and Greeks black walnut has been used as an alternative medicine. This is the hull extracted from the black walnut tree. It is best known for the elimination of parasites such as tapeworm from the stomach and intestines. Black walnut is also found to be useful for other health problems.

  1. It is a laxative and beneficial for digestive complaints.
  2. Use black walnut tree leaves to treat skin conditions such as ringworm, acne and eczema.
  3. It is an effective home remedy for scorpion bites.
  4. It can lower blood pressure.
  5. It is useful in the treatment of asthma, lung disease, diarrhea, sore throat and thyroid problems.
  6. It keeps your bowel regular.

You can get black walnut as capsules or tincture. It is well tolerated with no side effects. Sometimes it is used together with wormwood to increase its potency. Today black walnut is still recognised as an effective alternative medicine for expelling parasites from the human body.

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