Monday, December 17, 2007

St John’s Wort As Alternative Medicine

St John’s Wort As Alternative Medicine

St John’s wort has been used as an alternative medicine since the times of ancient Greece. Today it is used commonly for the treatment of depression and anxiety. St John’s wort can reduce the degree of severity in depression sufferers.

In Germany St John’s wort is used extensively by prescription as a natural remedy. The effects of the herb will not be felt until after taking it for a few weeks. St John’s wort is available as capsules, tablets, teas and extracts. It is safe and does not have the side effects associated with taking prescription drugs. These side effects include dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth and headaches.

Pregnant women should avoid taking St John's wort. It is unsafe to take St John’s wort with some prescription drugs such as anti-epileptic medication. St John’s wort could interact with the medications.

Studies have shown that this herb is also effective for external applications. It is good for healing wounds; lessen scarring and reducing wound inflammation. St John’s wort is truly an alternative medicine that is effective for both internal and external uses.

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