Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Papaya As Alternative Medicine

Papaya As Alternative Medicine

Papaya is not only a tropical fruit but also an alternative medicine. In Traditional Chinese medicine it is often used as a remedy for digestive complaints. In Hawaii papaya is also used as a home remedy for different ailments.

  1. Papaya aids digestion.
  2. It can lower cholesterol levels.
  3. It eases constipation.
  4. Green papaya is effective for digestive and stomach complaints.
  5. Raw papaya juice removes parasites from the intestines.
  6. Paste made from papaya roots is effective for toothaches
  7. It is an anti-inflammatory and useful in treating fungal skin infections, dandruff, psoriasis, bacterial skin infections and leprosy.

Papaya is generally eaten as a fruit and vegetable. It is safe and does not cause any allergies. Pregnant and nursing women can safely eat them. Many people are not aware that papaya is such a useful alternative medicine.

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