Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Olive Leaf As Alternative Medicine

Olive Leaf As Alternative Medicine

Olive leaf has been used as an alternative medicine since the times of Prophet Ezekiel. It is derived from the evergreen olive tree around the Mediterranean. Olive leaf is a potent natural antibiotic to fight viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

  1. It is an effective treatment for shingles and skin infections.
  2. It reduces bad cholesterol.
  3. It can lower high blood pressure.
  4. It is used to treat hyperglycaemia and diabetes.
  5. It is effective for colds, flu, herpes, throat infections, ear infections and eye infections.
  6. It boosts the immune system and can help chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers.

Olive leaf can be taken as capsules, tea or tincture. To get the desired benefits at least 500mg of olive leaf is recommended on a daily basis. It is safe to be taken over a long period. Olive leaf does not have the side effects such as thrush or diarrhoea associated with some synthetic antibiotics. However, pregnant or nursing women should avoid taking olive leaf as an alternative medicine.

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