Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Passion Flower As Alternative Medicine

Passion Flower As Alternative Medicine

For hundreds of years Passion Flower has been used as an alternative medicine in North America. It is an effective treatment for insomnia, anxiety and sleep disorders. In addition Passion Flower is useful for other health complaints.

  1. It is a relaxant for children who are hyperactive.
  2. It gives relief to spasms, hysteria, menstrual cramps and epilepsy.
  3. It is an effective treatment for hypertension, menopausal symptoms and high blood pressure.
  4. It is used in some sleeping pills to induce sleep
  5. In South America it is used to expel worms from the intestines.
  6. In Europe it is often used to treat haemorrhoids, skin disorders, burns and inflammation.

Passion Flower is available as a tea, extract or tincture. When used with Valerian its effect is more pronounced. It is safe and has no side effects when not taken in excess.

The daily standard dosage for Passion Flower is 200-300 mg. However, when large doses are taken it can cause allergies. These side effects range from drowsiness to mental slowing.

Today this herb remains very popular with herbalists and practitioners of natural remedy. Passion Flower is non-addictive and studies have confirmed its use as an effective alternative medicine.

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