Friday, December 30, 2011

Appendicitis: Common Surgical Emergency of Abdomen

The appendix or Appendicitis is referred to as the tiny development of tissue that forms in tube shape bag attached to the lower of the large intestine in the body. Soreness of appendix is experienced in chronic ways among people. It is mainly found among the age group of ten to thirty.

Causes of Appendicitis:

Appendicitis normally witnessed in the centre of the abdomen with acute pain. It may get increased by indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and discomfort in the stomach. Slowly and slowly the pain in the abdomen shifts from lower right side of the abdomen accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting.

However, during the chronic stage the patient may become continuous and shift to the right lower abdomen with loss of appetite and constipation. It is generally initiated by the excessive amount of waste material present within the caecum.

Home Remedies for Curing Appendicitis:

When the person experiences the above mentioned pains in the abdomen, it is advised to consult the doctor immediately. The below mentioned home remedies meat for curing appendicitis should be only taken with the doctor's consultation.

Green Gram: For curing appendicitis green gram prove as beneficial home remedy. It is advised that the consumption of one tablespoon of green gram thrice daily may give effective results.

Fenugreek Seeds: To cure appendicitis fenugreek seeds proves as an effective medicine. It is advised that the consumption of tea made by fenugreek seeds daily proves as an effective medicine for preventing the enlargement of appendix in the body.

Vegetables Juices: The juices of vegetables prove as an effective medicine for curing appendix. It is suggested that the consumption of juice prepared by mixing beetroot, cucumber and carrot helps in relieving the appendix pain.

Buttermilk: For curing appendicitis buttermilk is helpful remedy. It is advised that near about one litre of buttermilk should be consumed to get the instant relief from pain.

Whole wheat: Whole wheat made by mixing bran and wheat germ acts as an effective remedy for curing appendix. It is advised to consume near about four chapattis made from this flour every day to have instant relief.

Dietary Recommendations for Curing Appendicitis:

To overcome the chronic causes of appendix like fever, vomiting and sever pain in the abdomen it is advised to be on water fasting for one day. After that shift to fruit juices diet for nearly four days. Later on the patient may switch over to well-balance and nutritious diet comprising fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. Apart from this you may go for hot compresses, enema and sunbath to subside the acute pain and inflammation of appendix. However if all these remedies are not making you to get relieved then you may go for surgical removal appendix with doctor's advice.

Hence, you may cure appendix or appendicitis with natural hone remedies effectively with doctor's consent.

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