Saturday, December 10, 2011

Medicines Available Right From Your Kitchen

Since primeval and ancient times people have used and practiced herbal remedies to treat many common ailments. Instead of going to the store they go into the field or forest to gather their herb remedies. Many have cultivated and grew their own medical plants on their land or yard. Those days may seem long gone and forgotten nevertheless it is closer than you think. There are many items and products in your own refrigerator or garden that you may have not known of their medicinal qualities and value. The following are some of these kitchen medicine you might have:

Common Ailments Kitchen Medicine

abdominal pain, back pain, hernia - star anise

diarrhea, indigestion, stomachache - sweet basil

cold limbs and abdominal pain - cinnamon bark

whooping cough, edema, dysentery - garlic

vomiting, asthma, menstrual pain - fresh ginger

common cold, cough, headache - spearmint

stress, poor appetite, palpitation - licorice

chronic enteritis, indigestion - apple

hypertension, hemorrhoid - banana

constipation, enteritis, sore throat - fig

night sweat, rheumatism, edema - grape

indigestion, poor appetite - grapefruit

mucus discharge, intoxication - grapefruit peel

hemorrhoids, diabetes, diarrhea - guava

cough with mucus, diabetes - lemon

liver disease, diabetes, ascites - plum

diuretic, mouth cancer sores - watermelon

impotence, bladder stones, cough - walnut

upset stomach, beri-beri, dry cough - peanut

chronic diarrhea, indigestion, cough - carrot

hypertension, dizziness, headache - celery

suppression of urine, constipation - white bulb of green onion

lack of energy, mumps - white potato

anemia, measles, hypertension - shitake mushroom (black)

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