Monday, December 5, 2011

Chemicals Are Slowly Killing Us - What About Natural Medicines?

What Chemical are you Eating?

Many many years ago the human race had very few cancers. You don't have to go to the natural medicine college to figure that one out. Today however there is cancer after cancer after cancer. Is it the fact that humans are growing weaker, or are there more cancers suddenly popping up, or is it that we are slowing killing ourselves with chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, artificial foods, enhancers and preservatives. I believe we all know the answer. We are consuming and surrounding ourselves with unnatural products and then wonder why things go wrong in the body.

On one's sick bed, or if and when we get cancer, we say, if only there was something that I could have done to prevent it all. Well there is something that you can do, and it starts today. You can actually live a fun, full life - the healthy way and avoid ever getting these problems.

Eat healthy, whole foods that God intended for our bodies. Now this may surprise you, but natural foods grown from plants actually have sustaining, growth encouraging and healing properties. Choose the right combination of foods, and you can even avoid sickness. Sometimes we rely too heavily on medicine treatment.

Take note of the ingredients in foods (especially on the back of packaging). Look for preservatives, enhancers, un-natural salts and sugars / sweeteners. If they have numbers beside them, that is because the name is too big and too hard to explain. Examine each and every food ingredient to see if they put on big long names or number codes that don't make any sense to the average person. Probably a good idea to avoid them, or at least make them foods that you eat once in a blue moon.

Consider your current status now. Are you on your way to have a major sickness or illness strike you in the not too distant future ? Try whole foods as natural medicines. You'll be surprised, there is so much nutrition tied up in food that we are just not aware of. Most people make the mistake of thinking that if they ate a carrot last week, that they are perhaps eating healthy. It is not necessarily the foods you eat, but rather the combination of foods.

There are so many health secrets that we seem to have forgotten about in this fast paced society. Rediscover the meaning of good healthy foods and their medicinal and healing powers: David is a health advocate who believes in healthy food for a healthy life.

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