Monday, December 26, 2011

Let Your Juice Be Your Medicine

That's right, humble vegetables and fruits when juiced and taken on empty stomach can be very powerful in combat with simple and not so simple viruses and bacteria overgrowth. How does it work? Fruit, vegetable and herb juices are packed with nutrients in an easy to absorb form for your body boosting your immune system that in its turn when balanced will easily cope with any intruders.

For the best therapeutic result take your juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Start with just a glass of it, if it is too strong for you, dilute it with water by 30%. Further into your juicing adventure, you may want to introduce another glass of fresh juice an hour prior to your dinner, again on an empty stomach. Never take your juices while having a meal as they may create wind and bloating. Juices should be taken on an empty stomach, an hour away from any other meals.

Fruit juices are best cleansers. High in Vitamin C, Calcium and Cilica this living food is excellent for quickly getting you back on track if you detected first cold and flue symptoms. They are also very high in sugar so should be taken in moderation.

Watermelon and melon juices are great for kidney and liver cleansing but should be taken separately, they are not good in combination with any other fruits or vegetables. Whereas apples A, B and C vitamins are good all rounders, perfect in a juice on their own or in any extravagant fruit or veg juice mix. An apple juice a day keeps a doctor away.

Herbs (parsley, dill, etc) and green leafy vegetables like kale, dandelion, beetroot and carrot tops, wheat and barley grass, etc when juiced will also provide in abundance very strong natural antibiotics helping you to prevent any fungal overgrowth. To begin with add only 3 table spoons of this emerald elixir into your vegetable juice, increasing its content gradually, listening to your body carefully.

Full of chlorophyll, green juices are known to be most powerful blood cleansers. That´s why you have to be very careful when you start juicing these green wonders. Under no circumstance you should start with them at the very beginning of your juicing journey. They are major detoxifiers and you need to ease your body into this not so simple process. Gently and slowly. You must be patient and your body will reward you beyond any expectations.

Vegetable juices are the best to start with. Their action is mild and it will prepare your body for deeper cleansing with herb and green leaf juices. Also vegetable juices are well-known strength builders supporting your organs and nourishing all body tissues.

At the very beginning excellent ones to juice are mild celery, carrot and cucumber that can form the base for all your vegetable juices. Carrot juice should only be a quarter of the volume as it is very high in sugar. Always listen to your body and it will tell you which vegetables it likes and which it doesn't. That´s why you should always introduce one new ingredient at a time into your base juice and see how your body responds to it.

Beetroot juice is second to none in iron content and an excellent blood pressure regulator. If you have chosen a vegetarian lifestyle, it is simply a must for you. Excellent for liver and gall bladder! Remember though that it should never be taken on its own, only as an addition to your base veg juice and only as a quarter of the total volume. Great in colour and texture this juice will pleasantly surprise your taste buds, best had in combination with apple, celery and carrot juices.

All this mouthwatering information will surely be enough to get you started on this sweet and sour juice ride. Here are three recipes we recommend for optimum health.

Each recipe makes approx. one 230ml glass of juice. Adults can drink up to three glasses daily, but do vary the juice combinations for maximum benefit.

Juice Recipe for Alertness

1½ large carrots
7 large spinach leaves
2 stalks celery

Juice Recipe for Super Skin

75g cranberries
1 ½ apples

Juice Recipe for Extra Energy

½ punnet strawberries
10 rasberries
3 apricots
115ml milk/yogurt

Juice each ingredient, then blend using a spoon. Dilute with water if you prefer. Juice on!

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